Solar Tax Credits and Solar Energy Rebates

Federal Tax Credits and State Tax Credits

Every year, utilities and the state and federal governments offer rebates and energy efficiency tax credits for upgrading to energy-efficient appliances and energy conservation expenses. We will help map these out to maximize your ability to recoup your expenses and increase your return on your investment.

  1. Federal Energy Tax Credits: Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit: 30% personal tax credit up to $2000; Business Energy Investment Tax Credit: 30% corporate federal solar tax credit
  2. State Rebate Programs: California Solar Initiative - PV Incentives: 15% of total cost of system; Solar Water Heating Rebate Program: Residential: up to $1250.00, Commercial: up to $250,000
  3. Property Tax Exclusion: Residential & commercial solar water heaters and solar electric systems are exempt from California Property Tax.


Solar Energy Rebates and Utility Incentives

SDG&E Incentives:

  1. Photovoltaic Maximum Incentive - 15% of the system cost
  2. Solar Water Heaters - Residential: up to $1250.00, Commercial: up to $250,000
  3. Click here for an overview of the SDGE Solar Rebate Programs

SDG&E Commercial Incentives: Commercial incentives must go through a competitive bid process. Let us represent you and get the highest rebate possible.